Mumbai’s first AC Local : Get ready for a Chilled experience

Mumbai’s first AC Local : Get ready for a Chilled experience

Mumbai need not sweat anymore as the financial capital of India finally gets its long-awaited AC local. The city can now board the brand new air-conditioned coaches of the Mumbai local for a chilled ride. After a long wait of almost a decade, Mumbai’s first AC local is finally here. Starting today, passengers can board the AC coach from Churchgate to reach Borivali, and from next year onwards, from Churchgate to Virar.

The trains will run on the Borivali-Churchgate section of the Mumbai suburban line under Western Railway.

The full AC air-suspension coaches will carry nearly 6,000 commuters per rake. Just like the Metro trains, these coaches will also have automatic door opening-closing system. LE D lights, Emergency Talk Back system between commuters and guard besides a public address system, advanced GPS-based passenger information system, air-tight vestibules inter-connecting all 12 coaches and other safety features are among its highlights.

The base fare of the single journey of the Mumbai AC local will be 1.3 times of the base fare of the existing fare for a single journey by first class. However, passengers will be charged 1.2 times the first class ticket cost in the initial six months.

Unlike regular local trains, the AC service will have a special weekly and fortnightly season ticket. A weekly pass will cost anything between Rs. 285 till Mahalaxmi and Rs. 945 till Andheri going all the way up to Rs. 1,070 till Virar. The fortnightly season ticket starts at Rs. 430 going up to Rs. 1,555 till Virar.

 The monthly pass will cost between Rs. 570 and Rs. 820 (till Bandra) to Rs. 1,240 (till Andheri) to Rs. 1,640 (till Borivali), and Rs. 2,040 till Virar.