Navi Mumbai to Thane :  Commuting Likely to get easy by March next year.

Navi Mumbai to Thane : Commuting Likely to get easy by March next year.

The commute from Navi Mumbai to Thane via Thane – Belapur  (T-B) Road might become easier from march 2018 . The ongoing work on the third Kalwa bridge has made commuting between Vitawa and Kalwa a nightmare for the past one year.

The Thane municipal Corporation (TMC) has promised to complete the arm of the bridge passing over the T – B road by March. Although the structure will not be operational for the traffic, removing temporary structures from the road will ease peak hour congestion.

The ongoing construction work has narrowed the existing road , thus creating congestion during morning and evening peak hours. To counter the problem the traffic police have decided to request motorist to use diversion at Patni ground and take the Airoli Road, However motorist said a Toll plaza on this stretch makes commute undesirable.

The traffic starts from Digha Village and it takes almost an hour to cover a 2 Km stretch till kalwa bridge . Vehicles move at a snail’s pace. Motorist who try to take longer route to avoid traffic jam only add up to the congestion . Cops has also install barricades to prevent motorists from driving on the wrong side to avoid congestion.

As the construction of pillars near the Saket – End of the bridge is underway the locals experience congestion every evening . Traffic police have installed a height barrier of 4.2 meter to prevent larger vehicles from Using this road . The barrier will remain until the bridge is completed.



  • The proposal for third kalwa bridge was approved by the general body in 2015.
  • The 600 – meter-long Bridge Costs Rs 183 crore.
  • Work on the bridge started from Saket – End.
  • The bridge will have five arms : near commissioner office , The central Jail, Saket, Kalwa Junction and Thane Belapur Road,
  • A 30 meter wide and 3.5 km – long access road will connect to the bridge.