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Smart Systems and intelligent Security: The pillars of an efficient City.

TO enure the city’s place  amongst  the world’s top 50 most livable  cities palava’s planners identified and implemented  features that enable smart cities like Singapore and Amsterdam. This features  will significantly enhance the lives of its citizen.  And , as with everything  else  it has been designed by  IBM, an expert at the forefront of this field PALAVA E-PORTAL An ... Read More »

Palava Function like a private organization

After all it’s opertation  by one . Comprised of city administrators, urban expert and citizens of palava the Palava City Management  Association [PCMA] is responsible for everything  from ensuring near uninterrupted and  stable power and water , to the formulation of city policies and providing high-quality, cost –effective services. The presence of citizen in this body will create and expert. ... Read More »

Transportation Facilities as green as Palava

Palava is built around  you . it  has  everything  you  need  within  walking distance But even thought  it’s a delight  to walk  in  with wide  tree-lined  pavements  th city has an eco-friendly  and efficiently  transportation network. Eco-drive Buses – a feet of hybrid,CNG, and electric  buses – are ready operational. These buses which will run every 5minutes during  peak hours ... Read More »

Promises by rlys for Navi Mumbai empty

The railway administration has failed to live up to its promises made to suburban commuters in the previous budget as none of the big-ticket projects announced by minister Suresh Prabhu here has seen the light of the day. The 2015-16 budget saw a slew of projects lined up for the suburbs. Projects such as the Navi Mumbai airport-Thane rail link, ... Read More »

A City where you will never have to worry about your family’s safety.

Palava offers numerous facilities to ensure its citizens’. These range from-polices and fire stations to the more high-tech and sophisticated electronic surveillance system, emergency booth and a dedicated protection force. All this, so that your family can feel safe, day and neight. Emergency response teams Comprising ambulances fire engines, the police and the protection force , with a maximum pesponcse ... Read More »


The real estate sector in 2015 displayed visible signs of volatility and vulnerability. However, the commercial realty space managed to retain its sheen. Experts discuss its future prospects While the growth story of commercial space remains intact, thanks to a roaring business environment and growing economy, there are still concerns about its supply. Manoj Krishnaswamy, head-consulting and agency business of ... Read More »

A new business hub emerges

Leading developers share with Vijay Pandya the significance of Panvel and its multiple advantages Read More »

World-Class Healthcare to look after you.

Body and Mind While the city natural surroundings will do much to benefit one’s health, palava’s healthcare institution will be as modern and well-equipped as they are accessible. Hosapital by a renowned medical chain [opening is 2016]. A 250-bed multi-specially hospital is planned in the upcoming development this institution will be affiliated with the university to encourage research its place ... Read More »

All the Space you Need to lead an active and healthy life.

From open green space where you can benefit from the natural surroundings and fresh air, to sophisticated sport facilities with professional coaches; Palava offers everything you need to lead and healty and fulfilling life This city offers a variety of green space that not only energies citizens with fresh air, but also provide enough space for them to jog , ... Read More »

A university on par with the world’s greatest

Designed to catalyse the region’s economic growth, Palava upcoming university is a testament of the city’s foresight. This institution well be affiliated to international academic titans and offer world-class programmes in disciplines such as engineering, management medicines, humanities and the liberal arts. Palava will also be have independent technical colleges that will be affiliated with this university. To offer a ... Read More »