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Airoli-Palava commute to reduce to 10 minutes via new tunnel

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has finalised the plan to connect Airoli in Navi Mumbai to Kalyan via a road tunnel cutting through the Parsik Hill. Currently, it takes about 35 minutes to travel from Airoli and Palava, and the tunnel will reduce the travel time to just about 10 minutes. The 1.7-km. long tunnel will be a part of the ... Read More »

9 Tips on Saving Water at Home

Water conservation has become an essential practice in areas in the Greater Mumbai region today. In addition to saving money on your utility bill, water conservation helps prevent water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers and local watersheds. Here are 9 tips on what you can do to cut down on water usage inside your home. Turn off the tap when ... Read More »

Navi Mumbai Airport will become operational by 2019

The state government approved the Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for the Navi Mumbai International Airport submitted by three firms. The decision to approve the bids by GVK-led Mumbai International Airport Ltd, GMR Delhi and MIA Infrastructure of France along with Tata Realty and Infrastructure was taken during the state cabinet meeting. Of the three bidders, only one has got a ... Read More »

Relief for Homebuyers as Real Estate Bill Gets RS Approval

Here is how the new real estate bill will benefit consumers 1) As of now the real estate sector was largely unregulated in India. If a consumer had a complaint against a developer he would had to make rounds of consumer or civil courts. Also absence of standardization and lack of adequate consumer protection has constrained the healthy and orderly ... Read More »

In global realty, Mumbai gives bang for $1million

Monaco tops list for real estate rates globally, while India’s financial capital is near the bottom of the pyramid in new wealth report findings If you are a billionaire thinking of parking your money in real estate, it is perhaps time to look closer home. Mumbai is usually considered to be one of the costliest cities in the world, but ... Read More »

The Lifestyle of a top- 50 city.

At a fraction of the cost. The benefits a living in Palava are numerous. The  ones listed here  hover ,  are those that can be quantified, living  here pays for itself with total gain  of amost  Rs. 10 lace per annum , far  more than the annual cost of owing  a home  in the city. How living in palava pays ... Read More »

Echo-friendly practices so generation can thrive in Palava

Palava’s  Planner have taken into consideration  the city grouth over next  few decades  and beyond  the city. Has invested  in sustainable  and scalable which  will expensive  will pay  off in the future The city’s infrastructure will operate  just as efficiently for over 2 million citizen as it did for 5,000. A green city, palava favours renewable  resources  rather  than precious  ... Read More »

There ‘s one thing most cities have that palava doesn’t traffic jams.

Efficient transport  management is the hallmark of smart city. Palava has a rang of process in place to ensure that one one of this  many  road are every congested The feeling management System Will ensure the safty and efficient operation of bus services wast  disposal truck and  emergency response  vehicles the buses will also  have on-board camera  for   security and ... Read More »

Smart Systems and intelligent Security: The pillars of an efficient City.

TO enure the city’s place  amongst  the world’s top 50 most livable  cities palava’s planners identified and implemented  features that enable smart cities like Singapore and Amsterdam. This features  will significantly enhance the lives of its citizen.  And , as with everything  else  it has been designed by  IBM, an expert at the forefront of this field PALAVA E-PORTAL An ... Read More »

Palava Function like a private organization

After all it’s opertation  by one . Comprised of city administrators, urban expert and citizens of palava the Palava City Management  Association [PCMA] is responsible for everything  from ensuring near uninterrupted and  stable power and water , to the formulation of city policies and providing high-quality, cost –effective services. The presence of citizen in this body will create and expert. ... Read More »